Working internally, I designed this RWD gaming website. Through strategy and market research, our goal was to successfully present an experience with a high level of professionalism and quality. The key tenants of Safe, Secure and Legal had to be supported by a well groomed creative solution.
The mobile first solution was a quick, nimble and flexible site that adhered to best practices in cross platform multi-device responsiveness.
Project Title: website 

Project Objectives:
To create a website to promote, reinforce and forward the BetAmerica brand with it’s wide range of handicapping products and services to new and existing customers. To present an online gaming destination with a high level of professionalism and quality that instills trust and safety for potential customers. 

Key Audience:
Online and land-based horse racing and gaming customers. Customers who were looking for an alternative to the big three operators in the industry. 

Design Solution(s):
Built from the ground up, the revised company website I designed was to leverage new technologies and frameworks with a modern web design aesthetic. To be device agnostic, the strategy was to be completely responsive across all major viewports, from large desktop to smaller mobile devices. 

I designed, planned, and coordinated this site to be created on “building blocks” that could be moved, rearranged and replaced as directed by analytics, new promotions and demographic information. Each block is designed for clarity and impact using high quality retouched photos, iconography, and branded colours, supported by easily digestible content explaining a service or product with the ability to drill-down. The site was then built, populated and released with the help of a cross functional team consisting of myself, marketing and front-end development.

The overall intended outcome promoted customers to sign-up, while providing access to all product offerings quickly and easily, all within a well groomed, highly branded, efficient and audience appropriate website.

This was also something major competitors had not implemented and become a key differentiator in our quest to provide a seamless user experience no matter the device or platform.
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