Designer | Art Director
CGD™ Certified by The Graphic Designers of Canada 

The pursuit of excellence in design is my passion
The desire to create as a Digital Designer is the very reason I get up every day. With passion for my craft, I’m a skilled creative who champions good ideas, loves uncovering the solutions that matter.

My process comes from a place of curiosity, empathy, transparency and collaboration and is a large part of how I approach design challenges and execute creative strategies.

Design touches our lives in many ways and when people’s wants and needs are at the centre of a solution, great things happen. I enjoy seeing the power of design applied to affect change, delight, entertain and create more informed and meaningful connections. This is what drives me and inspires me. This is why I strive to expose the possibilities of design through passion, technical knowledge, strong work ethic and an open-mindedness to explore and adopt new concepts and ideas.
Falling in love with the problems and discovering the possibilities.
My design work and visual communications has led to experience with many industries where I’ve helped businesses resonate with their audience and continue to tell their unique stories with impact.

Surpassing goals, delighting customers, promoting greater engagement and managing expectations are key and why I enjoy to be hands-on and deeply connect to my work. 

I’m curious and I maintain the willingness to continually hone my craft. Driven by results and detail focused, I strive to deliver outstanding creative and am in my element when providing value to organizations at the intersection of design and technology.

My work has been the lucky recipient of a few print awards including: two IAPHC Gold awards for Superb Craftsmanship and Hemlock’s Integrity In Colour Award of Excellence.

I know web design, responsive web, cross-platform standards, the application of design methodologies and believe in the importance of being flexible, innovative and keeping up with new trends and technology.

I'm a GDC Certified Designer, current Board Member of the Graphic Designers of Canada BC Chapter, a volunteer with Creative Mornings Vancouver, a regular attendee at Likemind, Creative Pulse, DPM Meetup and a number of other creative community events and meetups.

Clients I’ve worked with include:
Frank Strategies
Curve Communications
Annex Pro
Third Person Digital
Great Canadian Casinos
Sutton Place Hotel
BlueShore Financial
National PR
BC Business magazine
Star Resorts
Adventure West Resorts
SunCal Energy
Kasian Kennedy
WildCat Energy
Wolverton Financial
Excalibur Assets
NS Connexions
Synergy Inc.

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