Project Title:
Team Values Poster

Project Objectives:
To design a poster to present the company’s core values in a fun and creative manner that celebrates the personality makeup and diversity of the company.

Key Audience:
Stakeholders, executive team, employees and new hires.

Design Solution(s):
I wanted the poster to carry deeper meaning so I pulled inspiration and data from the company’s personality tests. Each new hire is asked to take part in a variation of questions directed at determining their personality type. The questions, when analyzed, break down an employee’s personality to four key traits, which align with the seven company values. Each trait is then represented by a percentage of four specific colours: blue, green, orange and gold.
With this in mind, I designed a poster incorporating the personality colour which was best suited for each of the seven values. The final design is a bright, colourful, loose data representation of the company’s makeup. The angle for movement, type, treatment, repetition and colour all work in concert to help illustrate the values and celebrate the company’s diversity.
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